Add Me (Lunch)

haloumi 4 zaatar poached chicken 5 crispy chicken 7 avo 4, smoked salmon 6 grass fed lamb shoulder 8, side fries 8 truffle fries 11 side green salad 7.5

Crispy Chicken Salad


Red cabbage charred corn sprouts currants crispy noodles fresh herbs Asian dressing 17.50 add avo 4 add haloumi 4

Falafel Bowl


House made babaganoush roast cauliflower roasted cherry toms fatoush pickled fennel 17.50 add haloumi 4 add avo 4 (can be GF)

Flank Steak Sandwich


Onion jam red pepper mayo rocket on Panini 15 add fries 4 add haloumi 4 add avo 4 (DF can be GF)

Grass Fed Lamb Shoulder


Wilted Greens roasted cherry tomatoes tzatziki pine nuts 19.50 add haloumi 4 add avo 4 (GF)

Health Bowl


Red cabbage kale butternut pumpkin fetta dukkah sprouts honey lemon dressing nuts seeds chickpeas 16.50 zaatar chicken 5 (GF)

Pumpkin & Charred Corn Fritters


Rocket caramelized balsamic fetta cheese dried cranberries pine nuts 18.50 add haloumi 4 add avo 4

Secret Spiced Crispy Chicken Burger


Lettuce and zinger mayo barbeque salt fries 17.50 add cheese 2 add avo 4

Son of Mac Yeezy Burger


Special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions with barbeque salt fries 17.50 add bacon 4 add haloumi 4 (can be GF)